The best gear to go skiing in Bansko with ski pass by

If you love winter but haven’t started skiing yet, you should continue reading this text. For beginners, this does not need to be top of the range, but it should be functional. This article should provide a few ideas to get you off on the right foot and some basic, helpful knowledge to make your first experience an enjoyable one. If you’re already an advanced skier, we have plenty of other resources aimed at more experienced skiers and snowboarders.

Bansko is a ski resort in south-western Bulgaria in Pirin mountain. This is maybe one of the most popular winter areas for skiing in Eastern Europe. It could offer everything you looking for. Bansko ski resort is attractive in all seasons. It provides excellent ski and snowboard facilities, as well as a unique history and architecture of an old and new part of the town. Thanks to these features Bansko is a favourite ski and snowboard destination.

The best gear to go skiing in Bansko with ski pass by

If you are interested in, we recommend you to make some online booking and save extra money for your vacation. On you can book a ski pass for the biggest Gondola lift in the resort and combine the lift pass with different gears – ski, poles, boots, snowboard or a piece of full equipment.

As people frequently say, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.” If you wear the right clothing, you’ll be able to stay safe and comfortable in almost any weather. As you plan for your ski experience, make sure you have or book the right clothing and gears. offers everything you need at very low prices. If you book the ski pass online and combine it with something, you can save up to a 45% discount.

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